After drinks

This is the trick of the mind!!

The audience is given two cards. They look at them, but the magician doesn´t see them. The audience inserts the cards into the deck, and without shuffling, the magicians throw the deck, but somehow manages to pick up the two cards, holding them up in the front of the audience.

You prepare the deck this way- pick two cards of different suits, but the same color, such as the 8 of spades, and the 3 of clubs. These are the cards you are going to give to the audience. Next pick the opposites of the cards - the 8 of clubs and the 3 of spades. These are the cards you will fool your audience with. Put the opposite cards at the top and bottom of the deck - 8 of clubs on top, 3 of spades on bottom. And the real cards both go on top.
Without too much explanation, deal the two top cards out, face down, and let the audience look at them. Next let them insert the card back into deck.
Make sure they can see that you are not doing anything to the deck. Hold the deck between your thumb on top and your fingers on the bottom. Swing the deck back and forth a few times, make sure they can´t see the bottom card, though! Perhaps you count 1, 2, 3 and then throw the deck.
As you throw the deck, hold onto the top and bottom card with your thumb and middle finger. Immedately hold the cards up for all to see.
It helps if you position yourself so that audience doesn´t turn their heads around to watch where you threw the cards.
They picked the 8 of spades, 3 od clubs - but you are holding the 8 of clubs, 3 of spades. It´s very rare that anybody notices. Great trick, isn´t it!

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Ace party

With the spectators help you make 4 piles of cards. When this is done you flip over all the piles and all four aces are there.

First you need to put three aces on the bottom and one on the top.

Ask the spectator to tell you when to stop putting down cards. Begin dealing cards face down on the table. Continue until they have you stop. After the first pile is down, stick the card deck, still in your hand, under the table and put the bottom card on top. This gives you an ace on the top. Repeat the above steps until you have 4 piles. Then flip over all the piles to show an ace on the bottom of each!

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2 of a kind

The magician picks out two cards. He has a spectator cut the deck. He flips over the cards that he picked, and then he flips over two cards of the deck that was cut. The cards match.

Shuffle the deck so the spectator doesn´t think you have rigged it. Tell them you will pick two cards. Go through the deck making sure you look at the bottom and the top cards of the deck. Pick out the card that matches the bottom card. If the bottom card is a 4 of hearts you would pick out the 4 of diamonds to match it. Then pick out a card that is the same as the top card. Ask zhe spectator to cut the deck. Take the first card, the one on top of the original top of the deck, and flip it over. Flip the bottom half of the deck over completely. Flip over the cards you picked. And they all match!

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Upside down

Watch this picture carefully.

Is this a young boy ...

... or balding man?

This is the same picture but upside down! ;-)

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Coin island

You´ll need 1 glass, a matchbook, six coins, and an ashtray with water.

Bet your friends that you can get the water out of the ashtray using only the ingredients mentioned and without moving or tilting the ashtray!

Make sure ashtray is filled with at most a quarter inch of water. Stack the coins in the centre of the ashtray so the top two coins are above the water. Place four unlite matches on top of the coins. Light the matches and immediately cover the flame and coins with the glass. The water will be drawn into the glass.

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Eye popper

For this "trick" you need a fork, knife or spoon, coffee milk or cream container.
When you´re at a bar with some friends ( or girlfriend ) and your feeling kind of down ...

Very slyly grab one of those coffe milk ( or cream containers ) and hide it in your hand. Now with the other hand pick up a knife, fork or spoon. Start talking to yourself, saying "I hate my life, I´m miserable, ..." . Until everyone at the table starts to look at you in a weird way. Then take the hand with the container concealed in it and hold it up to your eye with the paper side down, and take the spoon and act like you´re shoving it into your eye.
A bunch of white milk will come squirting out on everybody. If you want to make it more dramatic scream and fall on the floor!
Take care and have fun! ;-)

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What do you see?

What do you see on this picture?

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Guess card

Ask your friend to shuffle the deck. You will then take the deck and show the bottom of the pack to the friend with the four of hearts on the bottom without looking at the bottom of the deck.
You will then take the deck of cards behind your back and tell the friend what the next card on the bottom will be ( e.g. nine of diamonds ) - without looking at the bottom at all!
After holding the deck of cards behind your back you show the deck again with the predicted card on the bottom. And you can repeat this a couple of times.

When you hold the deck behind your back you will turn the card which is on top of the deck. When you show the bottom of the deck to the friend, with the four of hearts on the bottom, you will be able to see which turned card is on the top of the deck ( e.g. nine of diamonds ). After taking the deck behind your back again you will take the turned card on top of the deck ( nine of diamonds ), turn it and put it on the bottom. At the same time you will turn the next card which is on top. When you show the deck to the friend with the predicted card, nine of diamonds, you will be able to see the next card ( e.g. king of spades ).

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Find the dog!

Can you find the dog on this picture? Where is it?

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For this trick you will need a glass of water and 3 dice.

Ask your friend to drop 3 dice into a glass of water, raise the glass over his head and count the total of the dice on the bottom. Then tell to him to sets the glass back down, dips your finger in the water, rubs your finger on your forehead and after a little concentrating, announce the total of the dice on the bottom to the friends amazement!

All you have to do is add up the total of the numbers on top of the dice and subtract this total from 21. This will give you the bottom total!

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Make tower with glasses!

This is my favorite trick when I go to the bar.

How to balance 3 empty glasses on top of each other on their outer rims, without the help of any other object whatsoever?

Well, here is answer for that question! Firstly the glasses should be empty and indentical.
Secret for successful trick: imagine a clock face when you look at the glasses from above, you must remember 10 o'clock and 2 o'clock!
Place your first glass down onto the table or bar.
Place the second glass on top of first glass in the position of 10 o'clock.
Now place the third glass on top of second glass in the position of 2 o'clock.


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Optical illusion

This is amazing!

Keep staring at the black dot ...

... after a while the gray haze around it will appear to shrink!

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Ash trick 2

Take a cigarette and rubs some of the ashes into the your friend clenched fist until they disppear. Then say some magic words like abracadabra and ask your friend to open their fist and the ash has penetrated onto their palm.

Before you execute this trick you must put some ash on your middle finger.

Tell your friend to stand in front of you and hold his hands out towards you palms down. Than tell him to come a little closer and phisically grab his hands to gently pull him a little closer. Ask him to close his fist, take a lit cigarette, which you use to flick some ash on his fist and rub in until it disappears. Then you can say some magic words and ask him to open his hands when the ash seems to have penetrated his fist.

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Ash trick 1

Challenge your friend to see who can smoke a cigarette the longest distance without losing any ash. Of course you will win everytime!

This is final result, of course when you smoke your cigare!

You will need just a packet of cigarettes and paperclip.

The trick is in hidden paperclip! Simply straighten it out and slide it down your cigarette. Make sure it slightly digs into the filter so as to give it some stability. Snip off the end ( this should give you a normal looking cigarette with no protruding wire ) And thats all. Have fun!

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