Eyes examination


This is free eyes examination - test your eyesight!

Can you read this?

Try to read from across the room or cross your eyes ... can you read it now?

Increase distance from this picture until it is readable!

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Two cars optical illusion

This optical illusion is soo cool!
I mean, you can´t tell is this two cars or just painting on van!

What you think?

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Smiling Clinton

Clinton seems to be smiling on the picture below, isn´t it ...

but, this time look at carefully ...


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This dragon is made out of paper - you simply cut it out and stick it together, and stand it on a table or window ledge. But when you move around, the dragon's head seems to follow you around the room (see the video).

You can try this illusion for yourself. Just click on picture below.
Once you have printed the dragon out then you can cut out the dragon, fold and stick it, and you will be able to see this amazing illusion yourself. When you print the page out, you will see that the instructions for folding the dragon are included. Follow these instructions exactly.
Have fun!

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Charlie Chaplin

This is a great optical illusion - Charlie Chaplin - it gives you a brainspin!

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Real hallucination!

Experience real hallucination!

Stare at the center, keep your eyes still and look away when instructed.

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Disappearing dots

I´ve found this cool optical illusion.

Look at the flashing green dot in the center of the spinning crosses.
Now do those orange dots disappear or do they stay?
it may help to close one eye if you can't get it to work)

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Impossible cube

This is very nice optical illusion

what you think, is this possible? (see picture)

See video for answer!

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Amazing automated graffiti sprayer!

I know that this is not an optical illusion or magic trick but I must show you this!
This is unbelievable - automated graffiti sprayer!!
It can be programmed to spray an image to perfection!

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Freaky girl


This picture is really weird ... look at it for a while and you won't be able to tell what ones are her real eyes and what ones are fake!
It makes for the illness after a time of looking. Really weird!See picture!

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Burning sugar


You need lumps of sugar, some cigarette ashes and matches or a lighter.

Not that this trick won´t work with granulated real sugar, but it is more impressive with a lump!
Normally, if you try to light sugar with a flame, it may bubble and melt, but it won´t actually catch fire. Unless you know how!

Challenge your friends to light a cube of sugar. While they are attempting to get one of the sugar cubes to light, secretly get some cigarette ash on your finger tips. Try to get as much as you can.
Have an one of your friends select a sugar cube, and as you pick it up transfer the ash to the sugar cube. Now, hold a flame to the portion of the cube with the ash on it, and it will light easilly!

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Hallucinate right now! Just follow these steps exactly.

  1. Download this FILE, unzip and select run this program.
  2. Keep your hands on your mouse at all times.
  3. When the program opens hold your breath for 30 seconds and focus on the center dot.
  4. Look down at your hand on the mouse. What you see?

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Prove that you have 11 fingers!

For this "trick" you need only your hands.

Tell your friends that you have 11 fingers, and you can prove it!

Using your right forefinger to point with, touch each finger of your left hand, counting "1, 2, 3, 4, 5". Then with your left forefinger count the fingers on your right hand, "6, 7, 8, 9, 10".
Say "Funny, I know I had 11! Let´s try again". This time count backwards, pointing to the fingers of the left hand say "10, 9, 8, 7, 6 ...". Then stop. hold up the right hand and say "Plus 5 equals 11!!" Do this quickly, without pausing!

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A party trick!

A good trick to try on a group of drunken peoples! just kidding
Explain that just as a glass prism splits up the different colours of white light, when different coloured light passes through glass, it is also affected to an extent that depends on its colour.
Write the words CARBON DIOXIDE on a piece of paper, CARBON in red and DIOXIDE in blue. Put the paper close behind the stem of a wine glass and look at the words through the stem. The red letters turn upside down, but the blue ones don't.
So is the glass affecting the red light more than the blue?

You weren't fooled, were you? This has nothing to do with the different colours of the words, or of red light being bent more or less than blue light. The stem of the wine glass turns both words upside down, but because DIOXIDE is symmetrical about a horizontal line, you don't notice that it is upside down - it looks just the same either way!

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10 tips to perform the perfect Balducci Levitation

  1. Wear wide leg pants or slacks that come down just past your ankles. This dramatically helps cover the other foot.
  2. Face the right angle - if your audience is at 6 o´clock and you are in the middle of the clock - face to 11 away from them.
  3. Only do the trick for 2 or 3 people at a time - more than that create a bigger angle for you to deal with. Evem better is only one person.
  4. Don´t stand too far away from your audience on the levitation. About 6 feet is good, up to about 10 feet.
  5. Never, ever tell them that you are about to levitate. If you do that is will will make them watch harder. You want surprise element to it. Almost as if they don´t quite know what they saw.
  6. Tell them you are going to TRY something. It doesn´t always work and you´ve only been able to do it twice before. Then move away to the approximate correct distance and somewhat turn your back to the 11 o´clock angle in order to concentrate. Then put your handa down by your sides and after a few moments slowly start to rise. Going up, hovering for a moment, and coming down should only take about 4 seconds total. Come down, look surprised yourself and say: "Woooow ...... it worked! Did you see that?"
  7. If you are turned slightly to the left from them make sure your left foot remains parallel to the floor on LIFT OFF. That´s what gives a big part of the illusion is that foot´s toes being up in the air.
  8. Practice rising up and down over and over. Do it a million times, get it smooth and effortless.
  9. Do a few smaller trick for them first. Get them used to being affected by magic and the fact that you can do it. Don´t ever just jump into the Balducci Levitation as your first trick. Get them impacted first, and then say "There was something I´ve done a couple of times, maybe I could do it now".
  10. Practicing the levitation in a mirror is good, but if you have a video camera and can set it up on a tripod at eye level - exatly where your audience´s would be - is literally ten times better. It will improve your levitation dramatically.

These tips if practiced should make your levitation skills much, much better! ;-)

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Balducci Levitation

The Balducci Levitation is an illusion that can be performed almost anywhere and anythime. It uses no wires, strings, rigs, camera tricks, etc.

Learn how to do the Balducci levitation in this simple tutorial!

This is a highly restrictive, angle sensitive trick. You have to practice your angles over and over to get used on them. One bad angle or position and the illusion is blown!

This picture at the right show you the audience point of view.

This figure shows the start of illusion. Stand about 10 feet away from the audience at a 45° backward angle ...

... you pause, and then slowly start to float (as shown in picture at the left). You rise 3 to 5 inches off of the ground before suddenly "crash" back down to the ground.

When performed corretly this is about as close to REAL MAGIC as you´d ever want to get!

Balducci Levitation - THE SECRET

All you do is pretend to float off of the ground while you tippee-toe on just one foot (the foot furthest from their view) as shown below. Believe it, or not, this looks great!! The small audience can´t see your supporting foot because it´s hidden by three things - your pants, the angle of the trick and your closest shoe (which hides their view of the foot being used to levitate you). You might only rise 3 or 5 inches off of the ground, but it´s all in the presentation! You will want to slowly rise off of the ground, wait just one or two second and then drop fast.
Stay up too long and they will probably figure it out.

This is what the Balducci Levitation looks like during performance. The position on the left is the start of the illusion. Position on the right shows the climax of the levitation.

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What does the sign say?

Are you sure? Read once again, but this time slowly and carefully! Do you see the catch? Then read one more time!

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