Incredible drawings

"Trick the eye" is art technique to display a realistic image on an object, usually a wall or on the ground.

This is absolutely my favorite chalk drawing optical illusion - Batman and Robin saving a men from burning building. Fantastic drawing!

This Coca-Cola bottle looks soo real! Can you believe that this is only chalk drawing?

Rembrandt chalk drawing

Funny paint job - it looks like this dude sitting on the toilet!

Toilet in Queenstown, New Zealand. Very original urinal!

It looks like a piece of the pavement has been taken out. Very realistic
Watch your step!

Well drawn in chalk in New York City

Swimming pool drawn in chalk
This image looks only good from one point of view.

When seen from the other side it looks entirely different.


Anonymous said...

Great piece of art! Amazing.

ron said...

That is amazing. What talent.