Coin balance


This trick is pretty amazing and cool! You can get some free drinks in the bar, or simply amaze your friends, girlfriend, if you perform this trick correctly.

This is how it looks like in the end. Looking cool isnt it!?!

coin balance

Well OK, lets start. First of all, you need some coins and paper money. I hope you got some money in your pocket!

Take a twenty (or fifty, the higher value - the better effect) out of your pocket and make a beth with your friend. Say something like "I bet you I can balance your coin on the thin edge of my twenty. If I cant you get my twenty, but if I can I get your coin and you will buy me a drink!"

How to perform this trick:
1. when you place your beth, take and fold your bill in half, both ways
2. bring the two opposite ends together
3. place the coin on top of the intersection (see picture below)

coin balance

4. now take the two ends of the twenty and slowly pull them away from eachother to straighten out the bill
5. and thats it! The coin will find its center of balance and will align itself accordingly.

Check out the video - and good luck!


Austin said...

Hi. This coin balance trick is often under-estimated but it is fab to do impromtu because really all you need is any bank note and any coin - no props or gimmicks. I do alot of magic 'off the cuff' and so i like to have a good stock of tricks I can do with everyday things. There's nothing worse than someone asking you to do a trick and only being able to say 'sorry I haven't got anythng with me right now' - not very magic! So this is a cool trick. Always practice first, even simple tricks. Thanks!

Fernando Johnson said...

Nice informative post. It's really tough to balance a coin. And you did it. It's like a simple magic tricks. Thanks to share this to us.