This dragon is made out of paper - you simply cut it out and stick it together, and stand it on a table or window ledge. But when you move around, the dragon's head seems to follow you around the room (see the video).

You can try this illusion for yourself. Just click on picture below.
Once you have printed the dragon out then you can cut out the dragon, fold and stick it, and you will be able to see this amazing illusion yourself. When you print the page out, you will see that the instructions for folding the dragon are included. Follow these instructions exactly.
Have fun!


crazynewf said...


Definately something new to add to the desk.


picko said...

this is soooooooo kool. its perfect 2 scare the bejeebers out of my siblings wen they walk in my room

DWAGON said...

wow this is almost scarey